Time to say goodbye

Okay, so… I’m not active on Tumblr for a while now, I used to write things like “I will come back when I have more time…” but now I think it’s time to face the fact that’s not gonna happen… yeah, sure I’m busy, but if I wanted I could still run the blog… just, I stopped enjoying it, and I think that forcing myself to do it is pointless… maybe someday I will feel the need to come back to this, but it’s not guaranteed.
So, thank you all my beautiful followers for all the support, reblogs and messages. Thank you all models, bloggers and photographers, who sent me infos and pics.
Farewell :)

Shot by Lea Colombo and styled by Benjamin Brouillet

Behind the Scenes of Prada Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign
Jaco van den Hoven @ Scoopmodels.com

Dylan Fosket
"Kiss the gender"
Alex Wetter // photo and make-up by Franck Glenisson

Maarten @Hakim

Danila Kovalev by Stiv Lasmin

Steven Kauk

antoineandcharlie asked: Thank you for your blog !! it s and amazing source of inspiration<3



Sascha Weissenborn | Chaos Magazine: Götterdämmerung - Fall 2012. Post 33/41
Paul Boche
Photography: Wenjun Miakoda Liang | Styling: Eugene Rabkin | Hair: Takeo Suzuki | Makeup: Victor Amos
All clothes and jewelry: Valentina Kova 
Chris Arundel in Peut Etre Magazine Issue 6 (via Male Model Otaku)